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Bev's Miner's Club was owned by Bev Osborn.

Bev Osborn first came to Gerlach in 1947. She returned with her husband, Arley in the late 1960's.

Bev appears in National Geographic Specials: The Haunted West.

To the left of the Bev's Miner's Club is the Gerlach Hotel.

To the right of Bev's is the Alan Theatre.

The Miner's Club was owned by by John Finley, who bought it in 1935 from Violet Collins. At that time, the bar "was in an incomplete state" and Finley finished it. Finley and his wife operated the bar and a retail liquor store at that location. The bar was also known as Finley Bar. Finley sold it in 1939 (probably to Charles Carter) and bought it back in 1964.[1][2]

The Miner's Club was a casino from 1946 thru 1956.[3]


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