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Ashdown is a historical location Northeast of Camp McGarry near Denio.

Ashdown appears on the Clason's 1906 map.<ref>"Sketch map of Nevada and the southeastern portion of California," Clason's, 1906.</ref>

Ashdown is located in the Warm Springs Mining District.

Gold and Molybdenum have been mined at Ashdown.

Construction of a mine and mill started in 2005, with production of molybdenum in December 2006.<ref>"Golden Phoenix to be Honored for Its Ashdown Molybdenum Mine by Nevada Governor at Annual Industry Appreciation Awards," October 2007.</ref>

The mine was listed as being operational in 2012 with 35 employees and having produced 44,092 lbs of Molybdenite.<ref>Major Mines of Nevada 2012," Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Special Publication P-24.</ref>




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