Andorno Creek

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Andorno Creek is located in the Santa Rosa Range, east of US 95, north of 140.

Carlson states that the name is of an undetermined origin.[1] However, Marshall states that people in the area have roots in Andorno Micca, Italy.[2]

Andorno Ranch is nearby and was a stage stop known as Awakening Peak and Paradise Valley.[3].

Andorno Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as being built in 1899.

Bragg (1905) states that Andorno House was a 48 room hotel at Andorno Ranch: "The Andorno House ten miles south of the P.P. Snapp Ranch, is the property of Alfonso Pasquale of Paradise Valley and Winnemucca. It is now leased for a term of five years to Gib Alexander with the ranch, which comprises 100 acres, seeded to alfalfa, 25 of which were seeded this spring. The house is one of the best constructed I have ever seen. The house has 48 bedrooms and is fixed up to keep any number of travelers that come along. The ranch is irrigated from the water of Castle Doan Creek. It produced last year 275 tons of hay from 75 acres. There are 350 fruit trees and Mr. Alexander has plenty of water for all purposes, not withstanding the dry year. The Andorno House is a popular stopping place for travelers and although the house has 48 rooms Mr. .Alexander informed me that every bed was frequently occupied."[4][5]

Andorno is mentioned in a 1913 newspaper[6]

In 1922, Andorno Ranch was owned by Antone Ramosco.[7]


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  • GNIS Andorno Creek
    • Variant: Andorinia Creek. Citation
    • Variant: Andornia Creek. Citation
    • Variant: Andronia Creek. Citation
    • Variant: Castle Doan Creek. Citation
    • Variant: Chimney Creek. Citation