1925 Washoe County Directory

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REMEMBERING THE OLD-TIMERS The following names were extracted from the 1925 Washoe County Directory as having lived in the Gerlach/Empire area. Directory published by R. L. Polk & Co.. Extract by Gary B. Horton.

Beaudoin, David

Benefield., Ed

Blancett, J. S. garage

Benner, John J.

Boyd, Allen

Boyer, Clay F.

Bradford, Frank

Browne, Geo. A.

Bryant, J. S.

Butler, W. T.Scott soft drinks

Cahill, Walter M.

Carey, Neil

Carter, Hugh M.

Christensen, Art.

Clark, J. T.

Clark, Victor

Conlan, Frank M.

Cook, R. F.

Cornish, S. O. Agt WPRR

Coykendall, Guy Crain, J. C. Cross, Claude Dalton, w. E. postmaster

Jelmas, Fred

Dilts, L. O. Dodson, Geo. J. Doran, Ja.'Tles H. Duffy, Edd Dutton, Jas. H. ?errari, Alford . Ferrari , Frank B"'inley, Ja3o P. Finley, 0. ·~~ Finley, R. R. Fisher, J. H. F'i.sk, C. W. rriel, G. C. li'rizzell, Lloyd F'rugoli, Pete

alindo ~ Harry P.
a.I-iety, Martin

]a.rrett, John w.

arrison, D. E.

}eil, D. M. ~rlach, Fred C.

regory, Lewis
rimes, Jas. J.
rotto, Frank
ruwell, Gilmer

iagen, Carl F. Ha.in, John Haley, L. R. Hambly, Jack A. Ha.mxick, J. w. Harlan, George L. Hart, William F~n, William c. Hawkins, w. w. Heward, J. H. Howard, J. H. gen mdse Howell, .Tobn w. Hughes, ::ienry J. Hunter, Harry c. HuthChinson, Mont E. Hutchinson, Wressell Itzania, George J eakins, Alford Johnson, C. A. Keenan, J. H. Kellicut, Fred D. Kelly, Claude E. Kelly, Frank A. Kennedy, James H. Kilborn, WUliam IO.ein, J. J. Kleinschmidt,. F. H. Landon, Louis Langston, David Lane, Charles D. Larson, James Leslie, Percy Luchesi, Charles Lyn, Floy Lyons, Daniel McCa.rJ, W. D. McCarthy, Max H. McCarthy, William McGinnis, E. c. "Mac" McGovern, John A. McG:raw 1 William McNeil, Patrick ¥.art in. Ray Meaker, Reginald Melody, Joseph c. Melody, Laura. Melvin, L. A. Moffatt, Bert soft drinks Monson, A1 to , Monson, T. M. Moore, C. A. Moore, M. D. Morley, M. A. -Morrison, w. K. Mosher, C. A. Mosher, G. A. Murdock, Ha.nse Murdock, R. H. Murdock, Wm. S. gen md.se Myatta, M. Nelson, A1 barber Nottingham, Geo. supt PPCCo O'Neil, J. H. Ormsby, R. E. Ostrander, J. M. soft drinks Parker, Fred W. Parker, Samuel F. Parker, William Parker, W. Dewey Parsons, William M. Penner, E. Perry, Ray Phillips, L. Ferd Piney, Frank rest:raunt Powell, c. Stanley Raser, John Raynard, C. w. Reeder1 T. L. Sa--rtain, A. R. Sellick, Joseph Shedd, Bert Shedd, George w. Shedd, Roy Shelby~ Francis Shutty, Fran.'tt Simmons, Jacob M. Sinz, A. H. Smith, F. C. Strong, W. R. soft drinks Swift, C. W. Toft, M. P. Tomaino, G. Turnbow, Oscar Vad, Chris Van Norman, o. D. Vogel, J. F. Wagner, Richard Wagner, W. M. Ward, Robert Webster, C. R. soft drinks Weiss, Eiiward WellS William ~'hi te, Mike Wilder, E. T. Williams, Austin B. Williams, Harry R. Wilson, George w. Witherspoon, s. Woods, E. A. livery Wurth, James Young" Frank Young. R. J. Zuniga, Alford Zuniga., Frank Zuniga., Har.cy Businesses List.ed: American Railway Expresf Company Donnelly Mountain Mini~ Company Tohoquo Mining Company Western Pacific Ry. Co. Western Union Telegraph Company Brannan &: Brannan, gen mdse Note: Some of you readers may he noticed that there are quite number of people in the soft d±ink business. Remember, 1 -..-as durlng prohibi ticn. All the people selli.ng soft d..-in in 1925 were dispensing whis prior to 1917, when prohibit became law