Soldier Meadows

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Soldier Meadows is a ranch 62 miles north of Gerlach. Soldier Meadows offers lodging.

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"In 1844 Captain John C. Fremont stayed at Soldier Meadows and enjoyed the hot springs and meadows. In 1865 Camp McGarry was established at Summit Lake, twelve miles from Soldier Meadows. It was a U.S. Army camp established with the mission to protect pioneers and freight trains from Indian attack. By then there were regular freight wagon trains traveling from the Sacramento Valley to Silver City, Idaho. There was a silver discovery in Idaho and supplies were sent from Chico and other California towns. Protection was needed along this stretch of the trail so the Army established a camp near Summit Lake (now the Summit Lake Indian Reservation). In the winter, they moved the Fort south to Soldier Meadows because it was quite a bit warmer with the lower elevation and warm water from the nearby hot springs. Several of the stone buildings and stables remain standing from the U.S. Army camp."