Seven Troughs Range

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The Seven Troughs Range is between Gerlach and Lovelock. There are several old mining camps in the area: Farrell, Mazuma, Tunnel Camp and Vernon.

Lorry states that Edward Griffin Beckwith crossed south of the Seven Troughs Range on his way to the Selenite Range in 1854.[1]

The Mining Investor (1907) states: "SEVEN TROUGHS: R.L. Thomas and Charles Scossa who discovered Rosebud have sold the Little Hero claim at Farrell in the northern part of the Seven Troughs district. It has been purchased by Messrs Kimball and Gordon who have had a bond on the property for some time. Recently a rich strike of gold ore was made on the Little Hero and naturally the holders 0 the bond lost no time in exercising their right of purchase. They are now sacking high grade gold ore tor shipment. The Little Hero was located by Messrs Thomas Scossa and Inglis a two weeks before they made the original discoveries at Rosebud. They found gold on the claim but the strike which proved its richness was not made until recently by Kimball and Gordon who took a bond upon the claim alter they had made a good strike on the adjoining claims which they owned development since has proved the Little Hero to be the richest property at Farrell"[2]

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