Polk's Reno city, Washoe County and Carson City directory (1921)

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  • Gerlach entries
    • American Railway Express Co, G O Cornish agt
    • Butler W F Scott, soft drinks
    • Cornish G O, agt W Pac Ry, Am Ry Exp, Mgr W U Tel
    • Dalton W E, postmaster, Gen mdse
    • Donnelly Mountain Mining Co
    • Howard J H, gen mdse
    • Melvin L A, barber
    • Moffat Bert, soft drinks
    • Morrison, W K, soft drinks
    • Murdock, Wm S, gen mdse
    • Myatta M. Indy
    • Nelson Al, barber
    • Ostrander J M, soft drinks
    • Piney Frank, restaurant
    • Sartain A R, trucker
    • Strong W R, soft drinks
    • Tohoquo Mining Co.
    • Webster C R, soft drinks
    • Western Pacific Ry, G O Cornish agt
    • Western Union Telegraph Co, GO Cornish agt
    • Woods, E A, livery

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