Louis Gerlach

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The town of Gerlach is named after Louis Gerlach (b. 1835 - d. 1921).

Louis Gerlach hired James Raser as his foreman.

Wheeler recounts a story passed on to him by Clarence Thorton that states that Gerlach was bit by a tick when he came to inspect the Deep Hole ranch. As there had been cases of tick fever that year, Gerlach was rushed to Reno. After that Gerlach never visited is property again and conducted his business with Raser in Reno. There is mention of this story in Thornton's oral history at UNR from tapes that were recorded by Wheeler in 1974 and 1975. Thornton says the event occurred in 1905 or 1906. However, Van Norman writes: "Mr. Gerlach did not spend much time around the spread. He couldn't ride a horse too well. He would come up once or twice a year and ride from ranch to ranch on his buckboard."

Sessions Wheeler states that Louis Gerlach bought the Deep Hole, Granite Creek and Clear Creek ranches in the 1890's and the Bare ranch at the foot of Surprise Valley in the early 1900s.

Louis Gerlach's son Fred (b. 1874, source: 1910 Census, 1910 Census) owned Fly Ranch.