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Louis Dean, Louis Gerlach and Henry Flak (possibly Fisk?) bought the Ward Brother's Cattle Outfit in 1884. The purchase included water rights from Pyramid Lake to the Oregon border.[1][2] Dean was to be the business manager and the sale was for $150,000.[3]

In 1889, Dean owned Deep Hole and Granite Creek Station.[4]

Dean died in San Francisco of Bright's Disease in 1913.[2]

Louis Dean was not the last Pony Expressman.[5]


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External resources

  • San Francisco Chronicle, "Death on the Desert" (from the Reno Journal), August 11, 1889, p. 12. Louis Dean reports the death of a L.H. Long from Roseburg, Oregon. Long died within two miles of Granite Station. "He had wandered back within site of the ranch - probably delirious, looking for water. The ground was torn and dug up in every direction."