Leadville Canyon

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Leadville Canyon is on Highway 34 between Leadville and Gerlach.


14 June 2002, top of Leadville Canyon, near Leadville turnoff, 5800 ft, Washoe Co.: with Artemisia arbuscula(?) (dwarf sagebrush) were Balsamorhiza hookeri (hairy balsamroot) nearing the end of its flowering period, lots of Castilleja pilosa (hairy paintbrush), Aster scopulorum (rock aster), Erigeron linearis (desert yellow fleabane), Erigeron chrysopsidis (dwarf yellow fleabane), Lupinus (lupine), and the fruits of Astragalus obscurus (arcane milkvetch) were difficult to detect lying along the ground. Ann Pinzl, Natural History Collections Services

14 June 2002, Leadville Canyon, 4800 ft, Washoe Co.: on the side slopes Tetradymia glabrata (little leaved horsebrush), Calochortus bruneaunis (Bruneau mariposa lily) and Helianthus cusickii (Cusick sunflower) were in bloom. Below, a vetch (Lathyrus lanszwertii?, Nevada vetch) climbed up into the streamside willows, and while in flower, a few fruit were forming. Ann Pinzl, Natural History Collections Services