Hardin Ranch

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Not to be confused with Hardin City, located on the west side of the Black Rock Range.

James Hardin moved from Petaluma, CA in 1872 and established the Hardin Ranch.[1]

It turns out that there are two men by the name of James Allen Hardin associated with Petaluma, CA in the 1850s. James Allen Hardin b. about 1814, d. 25 Nov 1886 was a wheelwright and carpenter who constructed the Vallejo Home in Santa Rosa, CA, resided in Petaluma, CA and who Hardin City is named after. There was also a James Allen Hardin b. 1830, d. 1905 who was known as Colonel Hardin. The 1880 Census for Quin River Crossing lists a James Hardin, age 49, "Stockraser", born in Kentucky. This is likely Colonel James Hardin.

Hardin Ranch is mentioned in Humboldt County 1905 and in Bancroft's History of Nevada.

Effie Mona Mack's The Indian Massacre of 1911 has a typo where it incorrectly states that the posse stayed at Hardin City, when what was probably meant was Hardin Ranch.


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