Granite Creek Post Office (historical)

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The GNIS record for Granite Creek Post Office has it located at the site of Raiser City (historical) at Donnelly Flat and cites Gamett & Paher. This location is likely incorrect, Granite Creek Post Office was probably at Granite Creek Station. Gamett and Paher write that Granite Creek Post Office was in operation from from July 18 1866 until August 6 1867. Gamett and Paher also write that the station was on the stage route between Carson City and Honey Lake, which makes little sense as Granite Creek Station is about 115 miles northeast of Honey Lake and very much out of the way if one was traveling between Carson City and Honey Lake. Raiser City is even further out of the way.

The GNIS probably became confused because a 1908 plat shows "Old Granite Cr. Station" near "Razor's House" (presumably James Rasor) and the GNIS assumed it was Raiser City (historical).

Sechrist refers to "Frickstad and Thrall 1958" as stating that the postmaster was George Jackson.[1]

Postmaster appointments for Roop County in the 1860s.



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