Flowing Springs Station

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Flowing Springs Station was a station on the Chico/Idaho stage line.

A ca. 1864 map held by the Nevada Historical Society shows "Flowing Spr."[1]

One source states it was 10 miles from Cold Springs Station and 15 miles further to Soldier's Meadows Station.[2]

Another source states it was 12 miles from the Cold Springs Station and 24 miles to Soldier Meadows.[3]

Yet another source states it was 12 miles from the Cold Springs Station.[4]

Flowing Springs Station was either at the springs behind Wheeler Ranch or at Wagner Springs.

Fairfield writes that in 1867 "Charles P. McClelland and Louis M. Crill were taking care of stage stock for the Chico and Idaho line" at Flowing Springs.[5]

In 1968, Mack wrote of the trail going east from "Soldiers Meadows" passing Wheeler and "Flowing Springs - the latter an immense geyser-like column of water spouting from the rank grass."[6]


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