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Crosby Lodge is located in Sutcliffe, near Pyramid Lake.

There are two different sources for the history of the Crosby Lodge.

Fred M. Crosby (b. 1890) and his son Allen bought the lodge in 1959. Previously, Fred owned the store in Nixon. [1]

Allan and June Crosby opened the lodge in 1957. Fred and Judy Crosby took over in 1980 and were operating the lodge in 2002.[2]

In 1984, the Sutcliffe Inn and Crosby Lodge were put on the market for $1.8 million (equivalent to about $5.1 in 2022).[3] The Sutcliffe Inn was owned by Herb Capurro, his son-in-law, Fred Crosby (age 37), owned Crosby Lodge.

In 2022, the website for the lodge was


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