Cowles Ranch

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R.H. Cowles owned a ranch near Limbo that was referred to as the Limbo Ranch at the end of the 1800s. The ranch was about four miles from the Winnemucca County line and twelve miles from Winnemucca Lake (aka Mud Lake).[1]

A 1874 plat of S15 T30N R24 shows "Gummels House."

A 1910 land patent naming Alex Ranson, Nick Curnow, E. H Cowles and James Raser was granted as a selenite mining placer for these locations:

  • NV Mount Diablo 030N - 023½E 5 3602 Washoe
  • NV Mount Diablo 030N - 024E 6 3602 Pershing
  • NV Mount Diablo 031N - 024E 31 3602 Pershing

A Cowles Ranch is shown in a 1954 map as being on the east side of the Selenite Range along old Nevada Highway 48 at S16 T30N R24E[2]

Wheeler states that there was a big R.H. Cowles Ranch near Pyramid. [3]

Ray Mosley owned a ranch on the west side of the Selenite Range that consisted of buildings and a tungsten mine at S30 T30N R24E.


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