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320 Main Street Gerlach, NV 89412

We provide year-round travel and weather information including playa conditions at our visitor center in Gerlach, Nevada.  The visitor center has free maps and brochures to inform the public about the National Conservation Area and prepare them for the remote experience that awaits.

We operate with a very small but mighty staff!  You may see us when driving by, we have some items in stock, lots of maps, and would be happy to help you. 


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For more information, you can also reach out to us at info@blackrockdesert.org or call us at 775-557-2900.

Support Local Businesses! Here is a list of some places to visit/things to do in the area:

Stewardship Dates

Get a conservation-based introduction to the Black Rock Desert – National Conservation Area with our Stewardship Coordinator! Volunteering shifts go from 9am-1pm. Support land conservation and educational outreach in the Black Rock Desert! Consider becoming a volunteer:

Click to see our other volunteer opportunities!

Landmarks at mile markers:

Numana Paiute Tribal Fish Hatchery

The Lahontan cutthroats of Pyramid and Walker Lakes are of considerable importance to the Paiute tribe. These trout, as well as cui-ui, a sucker found only in Pyramid Lake, were dietary mainstays and were used by other tribes in the area. The Lahontan fishery program emphasizes the connection of fishery management with the health of the lake and riverine habitats upon which species depend. 

California Trail

Visit a section of historic trails from the greatest mass migration in American history during the 1840s and 1850s when over 250,000 emigrants traveled to the goldfields and rich farmlands of California. Great for hiking and biking!

Winnemucca Lake 

In 2013 researchers determined that humans created the petroglyphs at Winnemucca Lake between 14,800 to 10,500 years ago making them the oldest known petroglyphs in North America.

Be sure to check out Snoopy Rock, which is a Snoopy face painted on a limestone tufa tower.

Tahoe-Pyramid Trail

This trail follows the entire length of the Truckee River and is great for hikers and cyclists.

Derby Dam

Derby Dam is a diversion dam on the Truckee River, located between Reno and Fernley in Storey and Washoe counties in the U.S. state of Nevada. It diverts water that would otherwise feed Pyramid Lake into the Carson River watershed for irrigation use. 

Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation

The area of the reservation contains 475,000 acres and Pyramid lake is the largest remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan.

Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center

Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation visitors can stop by the museum to see exhibits on the tribe’s culture and history. 

Staff favorite: As Long As the River Shall Run: An Ethnohistory of Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation

Visit Gerlach

A great link to see what you can do in town!

Guru Rd.

Gerlach locals’ favorite! A 1-mile long road parallel to highway 34 with funky art installations made by local artist, DeWayne “Doobie” Williams.

Planet X Pottery

Pottery gallery and store featuring beautiful and unique pottery made by local artists, John & Rachel Bogard.

Bowen Canyon

Excellent hiking area with a great view of the playa. Also, this is a historic murder site of a territorial debacle in 1865.

Amenities in Gerlach-Empire

Food: Bruno’s and Miner’s Cafe 

Groceries: Empire Store 

    Mon-Sat 8AM – 6PM

   Sunday 9AM – 5PM


Motel: Bruno’s 

    Mon-Fri 10AM – 8PM

    Sat  8AM – 8PM

    Sun 8AM – 7PM


AirBnB: Planet X Pottery

     Hours and availability vary, call or email to contact.

775. 442.1919


Primitive Camping & Multiple Vehicle Campsites: Iveson Ranch

Call for reservation and information.



Gifts: Planet X Pottery 

    Hours vary


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