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Visitor Center and Store


We provide year-round travel and weather information including playa conditions at our visitor center in Gerlach, Nevada.  The visitor center has free maps and brochures to inform the public about the National Conservation Area and prepare them for the remote experience that awaits.

Our store is currently closed due to Covid. We also operate with a very small staff of two people!  You may see us when driving by.  Please don your mask and come say hello, or reach out ahead of time if you’d like to stop by.  We have some items in stock, lots of maps, and would be happy to help you. 

In the meantime, visit our online store where you’ll find a wide selection of maps, books, gifts and more. We appreciate your support. 

For more information, you can also reach out to us at info@blackrockdesert.org or call us at 775-557-2900.