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Updates from the Black Rock – August 2019

Being a new director of a legacy organization is humbling. Many of the founders of Friends were also the force behind the creation of the Black Rock-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trail National Conservation Area. Members and supporters like you built partnerships, developed key stewardship programs and made sure that the work we did was in line with the values of the community and public land users. Thank you!

The same drives that created Friends of Black Rock-High Rock then are present now—to ensure that cultural history stays intact, to protect and honor the land that shapes our national identity and to give respect to those who came not only 150 years ago, but 10,000 years ago. 

I believe that public lands should never be taken for granted–and conservation areas like Black Rock High Rock are even more precious. It is a hard-fought designation given to less than 10 percent of the 258 million acres of land managed by the BLM.  As such, it offers a little more protection from mining, logging, grazing and gas and oil extraction. 

Will this change? What will we need to do in the future to manage and protect our public lands? Together we will solve tomorrow’s challenges.

But enough serious talk. It is our Birthday, let’s party!  What better way to celebrate than to lay on our backs with full bellies and take in a carpet of stars. Join us to celebrate our 20th Anniversary at our Perseid’s Meteor Campout. This year we are lucky to have two astronomers, Seth Nuti, who interned at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Tim Stoffel, Vice President of the Astronomical Society of Nevada, come out for a conversation on the night skies and telescope viewing.

We are able to hold events like Perseid’s Campout because of members like you. If you are not a member or have not updated your yearly membership, you can become a 2019 member here

On August 18, from 4-8pm at The Eddy on 16 S. Sierra St. in Reno, Common Cider Company (Nevada grown) is hosting the Black Rock Bike Auction as a fundraiser for us. We will be auctioning off a Burning Man ‘Metamorphosis’ bike, listening to live music by King Finger, enjoying some games and sipping some cider. We hope to see you there!

Lastly, that little event at the end of the month…

On your way to Burning Man stop by our Last Chance Outpost and let Judi Morales, aka ‘running with scissors’ connect you with your guerrilla glamorous inner self. Not only will she be bringing her awesome assemblage outfits, but will have any last-minute needs you can think of—from aspirin to knee socks.

What a month! Here is to seeing you soon;

Stacey Wittek, Executive Director of Friends of Black Rock High Rock