Stewardship Days

The Black Rock National Conservation Area contains 1.2 million acres of protected wilderness, and stewarding this unique landscape is a full-time job. 

And this is where you come in! With the help of volunteers like you, Friends of Black Rock-High Rock is able to host a wide-variety of conservation projects from May through October each year. Join us for some fun in the sun (and the occasional thunderstorm), as we care for the land and its many inhabitants through clean-up campaigns, habitat restoration, rewilding trespassed areas, removing burn scars, fixing trail markers, and more! 

Whether you simply enjoy spending time outdoors, wish to engage more with community, seek to further your relationship with nature, or yearn to make a difference, these stewardship events provide an excellent opportunity. And because we couldn’t do this without you, we’re proud to offer a number of volunteer perks, such as volunteer appreciation events, raffle prizes, and even direct-access tickets to the annual Burning Man Festival.

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Upcoming stewardship events:

➤ September 29th – October 1st: Massacre Ranch Campout – Improve the public-use cabin, its pit-toilets and fire rings, as well as the surrounding recreational area.