The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area is known for its dark skies, which offer incredible opportunities for stargazing and amateur astronomy.

The sparse population in Black Rock-High Rock country results in very little human light pollution. Since clouds are also rare in this high desert, views of the night sky are usually completely unobstructed between the horizons.

Views from the middle of the Black Rock Desert playa are probably the most spectacular, because there are miles between your vantage point and the nearest mountain ranges.

You’ll never forget the awe-inspiring experience of seeing the heavens as they truly appear without interference from the works and activities of humankind.

Print out the star chart from Stephen F. Austin Observatory to assist with your stargazing experience in the NCA.

Every August, Friends of Black Rock-High Rock hosts a Perseid Meteor Shower campout during the meteorite activity. It’s a great time to see the skies over the NCA at their most glorious time.

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