Stargazing Etiquette


Enjoy dark skies and dispersed camping on public lands in the Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails NCA

MINIMIZE your light footprint with only essential lights on your camp for safety.

USE a red headlamp or other light designed for preserving night vision.

PARK vehicles on durable surfaces. Dunes and hummocks surrounding the playa are off limits.

CHECK IN with other astronomers in the area before using artificial light.

WATCH your step in the dark – careful not to knock over equipment, be aware of wires on the ground.

ASK PERMISSION Make sure you have the owner’s permission before touching their telescope or other equipment.

PACK-IT-OUT, carry out all single-use and other trash.

LEAVE NO TRACE pack out everything (including TP), securing your trash and gear with a tarp. Ask before using a dumpster or trash can, avoid impacting local communities with your trash.