Social Ride: Trego Springs – Lava Beds

Trego Springs – Lava Beds

Day 1: This dirt road and 4-wheel drive track is a great overview of the lands on the southern margin of the Black Rock desert. These are public lands managed by the BLM but stolen from the original stewards, the indigenous Northern Paiute and Shoshone. The geology contains a wide range of rock forms, although lava flows are conspicuously absent. The ride starts in the grand Kumiva Valley, travels through range land, then climbs into the Hannan Range. Passing mines and springs we will overnight at Sheep Head Spring.

Day 2: We will wind through the mind bending rock formations before following Lava Beds Wash back to Jungo Rd and the Black Rock Desert. This ride will cover hard-pack roads, chunky 4×4 track, and some sandy bits. Mountain bikes set up for touring are recommended. We will practice the wilderness ethics of Leave No Trace.

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By the numbers: 2 day trip. 90 miles, evenly split. 5,100’ of climbing, 3,800’ on day 1. Level of difficulty 8

Oh, the places you’ll go! Want to learn more?

  • Jungo Rd/Old Razorback
  • Kumiva Valley
  • Twin Buttes Well
  • Lava Beds-Sheep Head Spring
  • Elephant Head Rock
  • Pashupp Mountain
  • Trego Hot Springs

What cool things am I likely to see on this trip? Rock Formations(Geology), Sagebrush(Flora), Cows(Ranching) Jack Rabbit(Wildlife)

Trego Springs - Lava Beds

Event Chairs: Stacey Wittek and Karleena Hitchcock