Must call to register by August 7th!

A note from your trail guide, David Book:

Emigrant Trails and Friends of Black Rock Meteor Shower Campout!

Please read this carefully as it will answer most of your questions!

 Saturday and Sunday Tours:  These will be combined groups, both Trails
 West and some Friends of Black Rock people for these tours; everybody
 will have to sign waivers for both groups.   

25 person limit but I only have about 7 signed up at this writing [8/04).

 Call or Text me (Dave Book) at 775/843-6443 to sign up or I’ll have a signup sheet
 at Meteor Camp.  We’ll try to arrange carpools for people w/ unsuitable
 vehicles and to reduce the “cars in the crowd.” 

*Pet Owners:  Be prepared to pick up after your dog and be sure you have a leash!*

 Saturday we’ll probably go to Double Hot Springs where the Emigrants
 cooked their beans in the spring!  It’s hot!  After that we’ll proceed
 on to Hardin City, the remnants of an 1860’s mining camp.  Then we’ll go
 to the Lassen-Clapper murder site.  Yes, Peter Lassen of Lassen County,
 Lassen Park, and assorted Gold Rush history!  High Clearance vehicles OK
 for most of the trip, 4WD may be needed for a short portion of the side
 road to the Lassen/Clapper site.   This trip will take most of the
 afternoon.  Bring lunch, water, sunscreen and whatever else you think
 you might need!

 Sunday will be a shorter trip, probably Black Rock Hot Spring and Trego
 Hot Spring.  Black Rock and Double Hot were noted camping spots on the
 Emigrant Trail.  Black Rock Hot Spring was the end of a tough section of
 trail, noted for its hardships.  Trego Hot Spring is really on the
 Nobles trail and was visited later in the Migration.  This trip will be
 only a couple of hours so everybody can pack up and head home before it
 gets too late.  Or, we may try to get to Rabbit Hole springs, the last
 Emigrant stop before the headed across the Black Rock Desert.

 Trails West requires that all their members have CB Radios so FBR
 members should bring one if they have it.  I have a couple of loaners. 
 A high Clearance 2WD will be sufficient for most of the trip with the
 possible exception of the short sideroad to the Lassen/Clapper Murder


This easy trip is a camping trip (or Motel optional, Bruno’s Motel in Gerlach, 775-557-2220, check in at Bruno’s Bar& Restaurant) along with a group from Friends of Black Rock.  The peak of the Perseid  Meteor shower, one of the best of the year, is August 13!  Predictions are for around 100 meteors per hour at the peak and it’s noted for fireballs!  Friends of Black Rock will provide portapotties. Motel in town is about 15 miles from camping spot.  Possible potluck with Friends of Black Rock Friday night, breakfast coffee and snacks in the morning or on our own–more to follow.

During the day we’ll visit (at least) Black Rock Hot Springs, Trego Hot Springs, and Double Hot Spring.  Possible trips to Hardin City/Lassen Clapper Murder Site/Rabbit Hole Spring depending on time, vehicles, and desires.  The hot springs were all noted camping spots along the Emigrant Trail.  This section of the Lassen Applegate Trail is the longest, least disturbed, most contiguous section of trail in the country!

Almost any car, RV or trailer will be suitable to the camp spot and we’ll try to arrange carpooling if your vehicle isn’t suitable for the day trips.  Almost any high clearance vehicle will be OK for the day trips, 4WD not required.  But Expect dust!  All RV/Trailer spaces are pull-thru on a dead flat playa!  No hookups, plan on bringing everything you need:  If you want shade, bring shade, if you want food, bring food etc.  One and one half gallons of water per person per day advised!  Pack it in, Pack it out.  NO FACILITIES EXCEPT WHAT YOU BRING, BEG, OR BORROW!

CB Radios are REQUIRED.  Ham radio license?  Bring your radio along for use on the VHF and UHF repeaters in the area.  Call for frequencies!  All participants should check the air in their spare tire!  Temperatures will probably be from the 50’s at night to the 90’s in the day.  And it’s a windy area!
Leader David Book KD7YIM is very familiar with the area.  Must Call by August 7 to sign up!  775-843-6443.  Or call for more info, be sure to mention that you are with Trails West!  TW Membership required!  Trip limit 15 people.