Big Medicine: Black Rock Desert


Big Medicine: Black Rock Desert is a love letter to the desert.

Watch this stunning short film by Jon Felix to learn why we need you now more than ever!

Big Medicine: Black Rock Desert. A film by Jon Felix.

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From climate change, coronavirus, policy changes, to the long-overdue reckoning on environmental and social justice, our public lands have never needed your support more. 

People are flocking to these lands in historic numbers and with this tide are unprecedented challenges: off-trail driving and camping, trampled dunes and vegetation, trash, illegal campfires and destruction of artifacts and archaeologically important sites.

In the past year, we have never worked harder with fewer resources.
We need your help. Donate. Become a member. Volunteer. 

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  • Put gloves on our volunteers, fuel in our work truck, and provide us with the tools we need.
  • Create programs to teach visitors about the history and culture of this region
  • Enable us to do outreach to communities who deserve the same rights to explore and experience the curative powers of land and place.

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