Artist In Residence -FAQ’s


There are many questions that can’t be answered in one page so we created this list of questions, with answers, which will hopefully give the artist and idea of what he/she should expect their residence experience to be.

The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails NCA landscape is remote and desolate. It is surrounded by ten Wilderness Areas; each has its own unique landscape characteristics. This National Conservation Area is steeped in cultural history of both indigenous people and settlers, and is home to dramatic unpopulated desert landscapes. We are excited to see how artists will interpret this ancient place through their work.


What mediums will be accepted?
All disciplines and media will be accepted.

In what formats is art work submitted for consideration?
Artwork can be mailed on discs burned and MUST be tested on a DVD player different than what device it was burned on. Also, still images can be sent or a link to the artists website may be linked on the application page. NOTE: if the DVDs or CDs are not playable, we apologize, but the artist will be disqualified.

What if an artist is unable to stay the full two weeks?

We ask that you, the artist, be transparent about the time you can commit. We will remain flexible on your and our behalf.

How are artists selected for the Residency Program?

There is a 5-person jury to curate selections from the applicant pool. Selections will be based solely on work submitted. Jurors will have access to resumes, names and locales. Each year new jurors are selected.

Are collaborative teams accepted?

Yes. Collaborative teams applying should submit work that represents the collaboration, not individual work.

Are students allowed to participate in the residency program?

Yes, students over 18 may participate. In fact, all artists submitting work must be over 18 to be accepted.

Are spouses/partners/family/pets allowed with the artist during the residency?

Spouses, partners, family are allowed to participate and stay with the artist. No pets are allowed in the provided lodging other than special needs animals. Any artist wanting to bring a pet would be required to provide their own lodging.

Does the program offer grants for travel to and from residency housing?

This particular program does not cover expenses for travel or shipping. However, a small stipend of $700 is given to the artist to use how the artist chooses.

What are the living/workspaces like?

The artist workspace is the entire NCA and surrounding area. Artists will have access to the Friends of Black Rock- High Rock Visitor Center during normal business hours. The BLM visitor contact station, Black Rock Field Station, will be open five days a week as well. The artist residence home is located in Gerlach, Nevada. Bed linens are provided. Laundry facilities are available only at the local laundry mat. There will be ample parking.

What is the community of Gerlach like?

Gerlach is a one-of-a-kind western community in the true sense of the word. The restaurant and library are within walking distance, as well as the Visitor Center operated by Friends of Black Rock-High Rock. This modest town is known for its simplicity and remoteness. Hardware and supply stores are nonexistent. Errands can be arranged with the staff at the Visitor Center.

What is the weather like?

This northwestern corridor of Nevada is filled with micro-climates which change at a moment’s notice. Wind can gust up to 70 miles an hour. Dust storms, rain, sleet and snow can appear in any season. Clothes must be diverse to prepare for any and all conditions. Driving on the desert surface, or playa, is not recommended within 72 hours of a rainstorm. Other areas of the NCA are accessible in wet weather. These micro-climates enhance the wilderness areas and wildlife ecosystems which will assist in telling the story through artistic interpretations.

Are there specific sites to be considered for artistic work?

Yes, several sites have been selected for the artist to consider. Some are remote and will require overnight camping, others are closer to Gerlach and can be day trips. Friends of Black Rock-High Rock can provide tents and sleeping  bags if the artist does not own gear. If camping is desired, a set of criteria will be reviewed to ensure your trip is safe and monitored.