Black Rock Rendezvous 2021 Rocket Launch Presentation with Peter Clay


Come learn about the history and importance that the Black Rock Desert has played in the world of amateur high powered rocketry.  Hear about the various rockets and groups that use the playa for this activity and when launches will be taking place. There will be some hands on “exhibits”. Rockets launching over the weekend and even a night launch on Saturday night. Learn how you can get started in this amazing activity, Small or large, we love to see all rockets fly. 

Rocket Launching will begin Saturday morning and continue throughout the day. There will be a large rocket launch at 10am and again at noon on Saturday, but as mentioned rockets of all sizes will be flying through the day, evening and Sunday.

Rocket launching GPS coordinates: 40  52.241’N 119  6.417’W

Presentation location: Black Rock Station BLM Field Office in Gerlach

When: Saturday May 29 3:30pm – 4:30pm 

What to bring:

Your own chair (we will provide some seating)
Dress in layers
Snacks, lunch, and water

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