Black Rock Rendezvous 2022

Where: Black Rock Desert NCA

Getting to the Cassidy Mine Bay entrance from the south: 12 Mile Playa Access

  • Turn off Co Rd 34 at 12 Mile Playa Access. Head north along west shore road. After 3.45 miles take a left (west) into the bay. There will be designated route markers for the road that passes Secondhand Spring to Cassidy Mine. Any vehicle should be able to follow this route.

Getting to the Cassidy Mine Bay entrance from the north: Soldier Meadows Road

  • From the start of Soldier Meadows Road, off Co Rd 34, go north 4.36 miles to the playa access turn-off. Turn right, you will pass Cassidy Mine in 0.64 mile. It is then a 1.3 miles descent to the playa, Cassidy Mine Bay (Playa Entrance). This route is only recommended for 4WD high clearance vehicles. And bikes!

When: Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 27th – Monday, May 30th

What is happening? This free event provides dispersed camping options for volunteers & participants, event entertainment, lectures, and activities for kids of all ages! This year, Friends and event partners will be camping out. Self-reliance rules: Know before you go!

How should you dress & what should you bring? Long sleeves, long pants, sturdy work or hiking shoes. Camping equipment: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad.  

Schedule of Events

Friday, May 27th

4 – 10pm: Camp Setup at Cassidy Mine meeting point. Radical self-reliance rules, be prepared with your supplies to camp and practice Leave No Trace ethics!

10pm: camp-wide lights out and quite time. Respect your fellow campers, turn off the lights so you can enjoy the stars.

Saturday, May 28th

7:00 am – 8:00 am Breakfast time with Friends! All camps will have light breakfast snacks

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Kid Zone (hosted by Nevada Outdoor School)

9:00 am – 11:00 am Partner Expo (5-15 minute presentations) and Tour Signups on-site

12:30 pm – 4:00/5:00 pm Tours and talks:

  • 12:30-4pm Mormon Dan Hike: Join BLM’s Lamoni Moira and Friends of Nevada Wilderness staff Olivia Wolff on a hike up Mormon Dan Peak. Mormon Dan may or may not have been the rancher who killed a ranch hanch in a saloon in Winnemucca or may have have been the vigilante group in Utah. Either way a great hike in good company!
  • 12:30-4pm Rock-Hounding Tour: Join BLM for a fun trip to the Soldier Meadows area to collect and learn about common minerals, gems and invertebrate fossils that can be found in the Black Rock. Come away, if you are lucky, with a geode, agate or jasper!  
  • 1-2pm Rocket Launching in the Black Rock: Join us for a presentation on rocket launching in the Black Rock Desert by Peter Clay of AeroPac (the Association of Experimental Rocketry of the Pacific). Come learn about the history and importance that the Black Rock Desert has played in the world of amateur high powered rocketry.  Hear about the various rockets and groups that use the playa for this activity and when launches will be taking place. There will be some hands on “exhibits”. Learn how you can get started in this amazing activity, Small or large, we love to see all rockets fly. 

Rocket Launching will begin Saturday morning and continue throughout the day. There will be a large rocket launch at 10am and again at noon on Saturday, but as mentioned rockets of all sizes will be flying through the day, evening and Sunday.

  • 2-4pm Plants in the Black Rock: Join herbalist Tom Stewart (Truckee Meadow Herbs), Mike Meinart and Tina Nappe on a basic survey of the major Black Rock Desert plants from salt tolerant Sarcobatus to riparian Mimulus. A short journey from camp to the southwest corner of Hulapai Flat.
  • Saturday Evening: Blacklight Insect Collecting and Entomology Talk, Saturday, Twilight ’til the insects stop flying!

Meet Dr. Will Lumpkin, Medical Entomologist, for an evening of “blacklighting” where an awesome diversity of insects will be attracted to a sheet reflecting ultraviolet light. This method of collecting is particularly efficient at attracting crepuscular/nocturnal flying insects. The event should last from about one hour before sunset to 1.5 hours past sunset. Bring a chair, headlamp, warm clothes and snacks to Second Hand Spring, below Cassidy Mine on the playa. You will be introduced to the greatest amount of biodiversity the NCA has to offer. Will has extensive collecting experience in Nevada, California, and Arizona.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Friends of Black Rock High Rock Members Conversation

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Potluck and Dutch Oven Cook-Off and Raffle

 8-10pm Folk and Bluegrass with Kyle Cahill

Liam Kyle Cahill, a folk & Bluegrass artist who has made the road his home playing nearly 1,000 shows around the U.S. since 2012. He is a passionate and skilled gold-miner by day and musician by night. Join us for an acoustic session!

10:00 pm Lights out! Quiet time

Sunday, May 29th

7:00 am – 8:00 am Breakfast time!

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Black Rock Social Ride: an approximate 17-20 mile ride over mixed terrain from Cassidy Mine through the area around Steamboat Rock and back to base camp. All are welcome to join!

9:00 am5:00 pm Kids Camp (hosted by NOS) CONTACT US if your family will be attending Kid’s Camp:

The Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) Kids Zone is back during Black Rock Rendezvous! While parents are out working on the stewardship projects, kids will be engaged and entertained at the NOS Kids Zone. During our time together, kids participate in team building activities, learn the seven Leave No Trace Principles, play active games that reinforce ecological concepts, and go on a scavenger hunt spying things that help them learn and appreciate local flora and fauna. The youth also participate in their own stewardship, leaving a positive mark on the Black Rock. You cannot learn stewardship too early! At the NOS Kids Zone snacks and lunch are provided. The NOS Kids Zone is free of cost, open to kids ages 5 – 17, and is available 9:00am-4:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. Look for our flag!

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Black Rock Tour: Murder, Mystery, Misery and Mayhem

Join guides in a quick tour into misadventures in the Black Rock! We will visit some of the hardships and challenges in the white settlers’ experience of the emigrant trails in the Black Rock Desert, consider the mysterious circumstances of Peter Lassen’s untimely end and discuss lootings and lawlessness. 

Required meeting before we start out to talk  about vehicle safety and Tread Lightly Ethics. This is an extended off-road experience into remote terrain. Due to this we are limiting this trip to 5 vehicles and are highly discouraged from participating in the tour without  a high clearance vehicle with 4-wheel/all-wheel drive, all terrain tires with a minimum of 4.32’s tread depth, and a full spare the same size as regular running tires. Please plan for an approximate 5-hour adventure.

10:00 am Beginning of all-day conservation projects, all signups will occur on-site and details will be provided before departure! Departure from Camp to sites by car/arrange your own carpools, bring lunch, hat, water, sunscreen, and comfortable, sturdy shoes.

  • Trego Fence: 7 participants needed
  • Campsite Clean-up and Graffiti Removal at Trego: 16 participants needed
  • Trash Clean-up at Trego Springs: 10 participants needed

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Grill/Mexican style potluck

BLM, NOS, FBR, and FONW will be providing basics for everyone: beans, rice, tortilla chips, and some other item. Bring your own protein and if you would like to share things with the group we will save a space on our tables!

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Live entertainment

10:00 pm Lights out! Quiet time

Monday, May 30th

7:00 am – 8:00 am Breakfast Time

10:00 am – on MOOP campsites and campsite breakdown

What you should bring: Hats, layers, plenty of water (there are no watering stations in Gerlach at present), comfortable walking/hiking shoes, and lots of supplies if you choose to camp over the weekend!

What will the weather be like? Although we can expect the unexpected with Northern Nevada Weather, the current report states the conditions will be partly sunny with highs in the approximate mid-70’s.

For weather updates closer to the event, please check HERE

A Brief History of Rendezvous

FBRHR has participated in Black Rock Rendezvous since 2007. Black Rock Rendezvous is based on the 20th century tradition of fur trappers, mountain men, emigrants and indigenous people putting together trade, re-supply, learn new skills and information and blow off steam. The most famous was the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous held between 1825-1840.

These were, of course, preceded by traditions of Great Plains Indians – indeed all throughout North and South America – tribes gathered for trade, for ceremony, and for celebration after long winters for centuries.

Check out this map of Rendezvous throughout the United States: