Let’s go ride a bike…

Leave the lights and crowds of the city behind. Get out into the serene wilderness and explore the Black Rock Desert at your own pace or skill level. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable bicyclists will lead you through sections of wilderness where few humans ever tread. Climb the hills on your bike and cruise the loop to get breathtaking views of the abandoned mines, hot springs, and other historic and unique sites throughout the National Conservation Area (NCA).

Black Rock Point and Micro-Playas – Hot Spring Tour October 13-15

Welcome to our second year of the Friends of Black Rock High Rock led group rides and bike packing events. With over 800 miles of designated routes in the NCA, these rides are curated to ensure a fantastic bike touring experience. The rides are designed to showcase the variety of natural and cultural histories found in the NCA. These routes take you deep into the Nevada outback and high above the playa.

The high desert is a harsh environment and puts a strain on self reliance. Read our FAQ! Please do not hesitate to ask us (info@blackrockdesert.org) about what it takes to be successful touring the NCA by bike. We are here for your safety and success. Whether you want to join a ride or head out on your own – we want to know about it. 

The NCA has a the widest variety of route surfaces from paved, gravel, chunky climbs and descents, slick rock, alkali flats, sand dunes, and creek crossings. A mountain bike with wide tires, 2+”, best serves this terrain. Carrying water in the desert landscape requires at least 2 liters per day in the cooler months and 4 liters+ per day in the warmer months. Click the slideshow below to see some pictures of bike-packing adventures in 2022! You can also read this radical article by our very own group leader Kurstin Graham about one of the rides in 2022.

And please remember, while the NCA is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and occupied by visitors and residents alike, these public lands were taken from the indigenous Northern Paiute, Numu, or Aga’ipanadokado. The original stewards were the First People, and we must continue their work to the best of our abilities.