Artist in Residence Program 2017

Welcome to our 2017 Artist-in-Residence page. Here you will find all the content you need for our 2017 program. We are excited to be hosting the Black Rock Desert NCA Artist-in-Residence program for a fourth year thanks to support from the BLM.

Our Artist-in-Residence program seeks to promote awareness of the exceptional places protected within the BLM’s National Conservation Lands.

2017 Artist-in-Residence Program

The 2017 Artist-in-Residence program was opened up to all media types. Applications ranged from photographers to painters to sculptors to literary artists to a textile artist. Earth Painter Maggie Remington and musician Elizabeth Cadigan were selected for the 2017 program.#2 Earth Painting

Both Maggie and Elizabeth completed their residencies in late May, allowing Elizabeth to attend Black Rock Rendezvous, giving the attendees a sneak peak at the songs she was working on and getting ideas for other songs.

Maggie had this to say about her stay:

“I spent two weeks at Iveson Ranch in a converted cargo container, under a beautiful popular tree and next to a field with 5 horses with irrigation water constantly running. Most of the first week, I spent collecting different colored earth pigments and preparing them to paint with by pounding and shifting the earth into fine powder and also small stones.
You can feel the intense energies of the area when connecting with each painting. There were so many curves and shadows in the mountains wanting to influence the earth paintings. The unusual amount of water on the playa left over from the heavy rains the previous winter also contributed to the beauty of the area. I went into the mountains where I found an abundance of yellow wild flowers.
I will always cherish the experience of connecting so deeply with this incredible and diverse area.”

Elizabeth and Maggie were always great fun to work with!


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