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Accomplishments 2014


March 14-16: Reno Off Road & Motorsports Expo

Over 150 people were contacted at this event promoting Friends, the NCA, and outdoor ethics. FBRHR shared space with Nevada Outdoor School to reach a broader audience.
Reno 4x4 Expo 2014

Saturday May 3: Noxious Weed Class

A great group of interested citizens attended a class to learn how to identify the “dirty dozen”. The “dirty dozen” are the 12 most troublesome noxious weeds of Washoe County.
Noxious Weed Class

May 8-11: Noxious Weed Inventory & Mapping

FBRHR surveyed 3.833474 miles of roads and riparian areas for noxious weeds. The Pole Creek Access Road and portions of the High Rock Canyon riparian area were surveyed.
Noxious Weed and Citizen Spring Inventory - Staff Training

May 16-19: Citizen Spring Inventory

FBRHR monitored springs near current and former roads adjacent to Soldier Meadows.
Citizen Spring and Noxious Weed Inventory

May 23-26: Black Rock Rendezvous

FBRHR along with the BLM, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, and Nevada Outdoor School completed stewardship projects, tours of the area, and educational talks about the area. Stewardship projects included installing boundary markers along Soldier Meadows Rd. and fencing to protect sensitive areas near Trego Hot Spring.
Black Rock Rendezvous 2014

May 30-June 1: Noxious Weed Inventory & Mapping

FBRHR surveyed 27.740962 miles of roads for noxious weeds. The areas covered included the High Rock Canyon Road, Mahogany Creek, Wilderness Traverse, Desolation Row, Yellow Rock Ghost Road, Laxague Spring Ghost Road, Ghost Corral, Little High Rock Ghost Road, and Laxague Spring Spur.
Noxious Weed Inventory and Mapping May 30-June 1

June 6-8: National Trails Day

FBRHR conducted trail maintenance on the Upper High Rock Canyon trail, removing fallen aspen trees and trimming back encroaching brush from the trail.  FBRHR also performed general maintenance at the cabin and surrounding campground area.
National Trails Day 2014

June 20-23: Noxious Weed Inventory & Mapping

FBRHR inventoried and mapped 28.515977 miles of roads in High Rock Canyon for noxious weeds. The areas covered included the High Rock Canyon Road and riparian area, Son of Butcher Flat, Butcher Flat Ghost Road, and Wall Creek Ghost Road.
Noxious Weed Inventory and Mapping - June 20-22

June 28: Highway 447 Clean Up

As a participant in the Adopt-a-Highway program, FBRHR cleaned up trash and debris on the north and south bound sides of Highway 447 from Gerlach to Empire.
Highway 447 Cleanup - 2014

July 11-14: Noxious Weed Inventory and Mapping

FBRHR inventoried and mapped 17.024825 miles of roads in High Rock Canyon for noxious weeds. The areas covered included High Rock Canyon riparian area, Yellow Rock Canyon Road and riparian area, Road to Somewhere, Cherry Spring Trail, and Upside Out, Inside Down.
Noxious Weed Surveys - July 11-13

50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Celebration 2014

We celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act out in High Rock Canyon. 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Celebration 2014

July 30 – Aug. 1 Envirolution Spring Monitoring Trip

FBRHR partnered with Envirolution’s Three Sphere’s Leadership Academy to bring students from Reno out camping for the first time. Students were educated on spring monitoring techniques using tablets, and they learned Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! outdoor ethics.
Youth Conservation Camping Trip with Envirolutions

Aug. 1-3: Summit Twin Springs Exclosure Removal
FBRHR partnered with the BLM and Friends of Nevada Wilderness to complete a multi-year removal of fencing project from the Summit Twin Springs area. This included sledding out barbed wire, fence posts, and old water trough improvements.
Summit Twin Springs Final Fence Pull

Desert Dace Habitat Restoration – Aug. 15-17

FBRHR removed bulrush vegetation to protect the endangered Desert Dace in the hot creek at Soldier Meadows. This is the continuation of on-going efforts to protect the Desert Dace. FBRHR also performed general campground and cabin maintenance.
Desert Dace Habitat Improvement 2014

Perseid Meteo Shower 2014

Hanging out under the stars!
Perseid Meteor Shower Campout 2014

Sept. 19-21: National Public Lands Day

FBRHR partnered with FNW, NOS, and the BLM for the annual National Public Lands Day event. The projects included cleaning up the Onion Reservoir Campground and facilities, performing road and trail maintenance up to Blue Lakes from Onion Reservoir, cleaning up the area around Blue Lakes, and a dutch oven cook-off and wilderness trivia. NOS hosted a kids camp for the event. The event was attended by over 30 participants.
National Public Lands Day 2014 - Blue Lakes WSA

October 2014: Artist-in-Residence Joint Exhibition

FBRHR partnered with Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association (RRCIA) to display the artwork of each organization’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence programs.  Artwork from RRCIA’s three artists were on display, and the two artists from FBRHR’s program were in attendance to showcase their artwork. This month-long exhibition was held at the Liberty Fine Art Gallery in Reno. The art gallery participates in a “First Thursday” art walk, which saw over 200 people come through the gallery. A special reception for the Artist-in-Residence program was attended by over 30 participants on Oct. 18th.

Oct. 18: Wild & Scenic Film Festival

FBRHR collaborated with the Nevada Museum of Art to host the Wild & Scenic Film Festival on Tour. Over 6 hours of films were attended by over 100 participants. This day of films aimed to inspire activism and get people involved in their local communities. The films highlighted a variety of categories including energy, climate change, conservation, wildlife, community activism, environmental justice, and adventure.

Oct. 21: Coyote Dunes & Trego Hot Spring Maintenance

FBRHR partnered with the BLM to replace weathered signage at Coyote Dunes. FBRHR also repaired damaged fencing at Trego Hot Springs. Both the signage and the fencing deter unauthorized motorized access to those sensitive areas.