kit fox at coyote dunes

Coyote Dune Restoration


Friends of Black Rock High Rock, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Nevada Outdoor School, the Bureau of Land Management and Earth Guardians all partnered to install buck and rail fence to protect habitat for the kit fox on three spring fed dunes. Many years of work paid off when in 2011, a kit fox decided to take up residence in one of the dunes.

Restoration Timeline:


The Friends of Black Rock convened the first Coyote Dunes Restoration project with participation from the Bureau of Land COYOTE DUNES PROJECTManagement, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Nevada Outdoor School, and volunteers recruited by the Earth Guardians.  Over 500 feet of buck and rail fence were installed, vehicle tracks and a roadway were removed by raking and sweeping, eroded dune material (dirt) was replaced, native vegetation was transplanted. and no motorized vehicle signs were installed.

2008 & 2009:

Two dunes were completely encircled by nearly half a mile of fence, and signs educating visitors to the historic and ecological value of the dunes were installed.


At National Public Lands Day volunteers completed the protection of three sensitive spring-fed dunes. The final buck-and-pole fence and interpretive signs were installed around the last dune. Materials were in part provided by a grant from the Conservation Lands Foundation.


In partnership with the BLM and Envirolutions’ Three Spheres Leadership Academy, a 50 foot section of fence was rebuilt and damaged signs were replaced.  Vandalism was the culprit for the damaged fence.