black rock rendezvous

Camping at the Black Rock Rendezvous. Be Prepared!

Drive with caution. There will still be wet areas on the open playa. Use good judgement, follow fresh tracks.

where not to camp

Camp is located over a dispersed area, with the Main Camp being along the edge of the playa about 3.2 miles north/northeast of the 12-mile desert entrance.

Porta-potties will be provided at the main camp. Please do not put trash into the ports-potties!

Camp on durable surfaces. To reduce erosion and damage, the dunes and hummock areas around the playa edge are closed to vehicle use, i.e. drive in camping. Walk in camping is permitted. There are several suitable camping areas along the 2 track route between the playa and Cassidy Mine camp site (Photo to Right).

Cassidy Mine road is not maintained. High clearance vehicles only. Not suitable for towing trailers up from the playa.If you are towing a vehicle and want to experience the panoramic views from Cassidy Mine (Photo Below) camp at the top of Cassidy Mine Rd., accessed via Soldier Meadows Road.

It is recommended that you check in with the camp host before setting up camp so that we may advise on the camping location that matches your camping comfort.

QUIET TIME: 10:00pm. (please, no music after 10pm)
If you're looking for a rave camp experience, this is not it---we invite you to camp at least one mile out from Center Camp, as music floats everywhere in the stillness of the night.

"Leave No Trace" means pack it in, pack it out. There are no garbage cans at this event. Please be prepared to take all of your own trash and recycling with you. Of others need assistance in loading out, or you see trash on the ground, please be a good neighbor and help.

RAIN: Rain will cause the playa to be impassible. Please watch our Facebook Page for weather updates, and stop by our office at 320 Main St. Gerlach, for up-to-date info.  If rain should occur it will be necessary to leave the playa immediately, either by taking the road from the Main Camp to Cassidy Mine, or by going back to the 12-mile desert entrance. We will congregate at the Community Center in Gerlach.

More area information can be found at the Friends of Black Rock / High Rock website: